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Sunday, December 11, 2011

14 Weeks Old!

Cael is becoming much more vocal now. He looks right into my eyes as I talk to him, and he babbles right back to me. Even with the pacifier in his mouth, he tries to babble, and smiles. I absolutely adore it with all my heart. He also needs to keep moving around. He can't stay in one place for long, or he gets bored and starts crying. So I started doing "stations". I'll move him around from the crib, to the walker, to the playmat, to the Moby, to looking out the window. He also loves the fish pond upstairs. According to Matt's mom, Matt was the same exact way when he was an infant. Fun times. However, I think he's starting to get much better :::knocks on wood:::. He's taking more naps in his swing or crib, as opposed to me. Which I enjoy. I'll still let him sleep on me a couple of times during the day, because, let's face it - I love the cuddle time. But I also like having some time to myself during the day. He only sleeps for about 30 minutes in the swing/crib, but it's a start.

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