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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Blood Draw #2 Is Tomorrow

So tomorrow afternoon, I will be going for blood work #2 for this pregnancy. They will be checking to see if my hcg is doubling like it should be. My progesterone was good yesterday, so I don't expect any changes there. I should then find out tomorrow evening what my results are. I have to call the ob office, have my midwife paged, and then she will call labor & delivery to get my results. It sounds like such a drawn out process just to get blood work results. I kind of feel bad calling and having her paged for results, but it's what they said to do. So you better believe that I will do that. I then go again on Sunday for more blood work. I'm so nervous about the results tomorrow. I am really, really hoping that they double. Please double. And please stick, Little One.

I'm going to put the thermometer away, as well as the remaining hpt's I have. My temp dropped this morning (but not below my coverline), but enough to make me worry. So I peed on another test this morning just to calm me down, and the line was darker than it was on the previous
tests. Still faint, but darker. After asking about the temps after a positive test on the Bump board, I decided to take the advice of the ladies there, and stop temping. It definitely adds stress! Here is my test from this morning. :)

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