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Thursday, December 30, 2010

4 Weeks 5 Days

C'mon little one - STICK! Please, I'm begging you. As I approach the 5 week 1 day mark - when I miscarried last time - I'm getting more anxious. I know my numbers are great, and I go for an ultrasound in a week, but I can't help but feel that anxious feeling. Like I'm setting myself up for failure because I feel this pregnancy is the one. :::sigh::: Enjoy one day at a time, Joanne. One day at a time.

I've also started up a blog for the ladies on the September 2011 board. Since I'm on the dang computer everyday, I figured why not? And I'm enjoying doing it. It'd be a fun way to keep tabs on everyone as we get further along. I just hope I'm not setting myself (and the ladies) up for disappointment, because God forbid something happens, I'm the only one with access to the blog because it's under my account...ONE DAY AT A TIME, JOANNE. ONE DAY AT A TIME!

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