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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Allow Me To Introduce...

My furbabies! We got Killian, our Chocolate Lab, in October 2005. He was born August 7, 2005 and we got him from a private breeder when he was 8 weeks old. He picked us, which was perfect. When he was little, he looked just like a bear! I can't believe how much time has passed since we got him - he just turned 5 in August! Although he is a purebred, he has his fair share of health issues. Basically, he has allergies - environmental and to DUST MITES! Funny thing is that dust mites originate because of animals. So he is allergic to himself essentially. He also gets chronic ear infections (since he was a puppy), skin rashes, and gets allergy shots monthly from us. With all that, we still love him very much, and he has nothing but love for us.

Then there is Tyson. He turned 3 in June, as he was born June 22, 2007. He is our little "butt nugget", or "football" as my in-laws call him (because he is pudgy and brown, like a football). He is a Boston Terrier/Jack Russell mix, and actually, not really hyper at all. He is my snuggle baby, as he likes to burrow himself under the covers, and snuggle with Matt or I. He sleeps in our bed at night, whereas Killian doesn't, because he growls anytime your feet get close to him. Aside from going into anaphylactic shock when he got his second booster shot, he is in pretty good health.

The two of them love each other very much, and whenever they are apart, they whine for each other. It's very cute, actually.

Finally, meet Bonnie and Clyde - our Sugar Gliders. They are brother and sister. Matt got them for me for last Christmas, in November. Unfortunately, we are their 3rd owners, so they never got to fully bond to a "human". The poor things. Because of this, they're taking longer than usual to bond to me. They were about 8 months old when we got them in November 2009. Matt and I drove down to Staten Island to get them from this lady who couldn't keep them. Clyde is more calm and relaxed than Bonnie is, and he isn't as jumpy. He was the first to let me pet him. I may not be able to currently cuddle them like I wanted to, but I still love them, and I know one day they will fully bond to me.

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