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Monday, September 26, 2011

First Outing With Cael

It started out fine, but ended in disaster, and me swearing I was never going to go shopping with Cael solo again. We needed more newborn size diapers, so I figured I would attempt a shopping trip to the new Super Walmart that just opened in our town. It took me a lot of motivation to actually get up and get going - from 12pm to 3pm - but I finally made it out. I've been having a hard time adjusting to motherhood; it's way more intense and overwhelming than I ever thought it would be. But that's for another post.

So I fed and changed Cael, put him in the car seat, grabbed the diaper bag and I was out the door. This was also the first time I've driven since delivery. It was raining when I left, but I figured no big deal. Well, when I got to Walmart, there was no close parking, so I had to park far away, and lug his car seat all the way into Walmart to grab a dry cart. Not to mention I made the horrible decision to wear flip flops out, so my feet were soaked.

I grabbed a cart, and I put him in the big part of the cart. I recently heard of a news story where a 3 month old died because their car seat, which was in the front part of the cart near the handle, fell off the cart, and caused a lot of trauma to the baby. For this reason, I put him in the basket part.

The excursion started off well. Cael was awake the whole time, but content and didn't say a peep. I grabbed the baby stuff I needed, and decided that since he was being so good, I would grab some food-related items, since we were pretty much out of food at home. By the time I was almost down to the last aisle, Cael started to fuss, and eventually cry. I got on line to checkout, and Cael was screaming at this point.

I had piled everything around Cael's car seat, and didn't really think about where I would put the bags once everything was packed. I go to put the two jars of sauce on the conveyor, and **smash** I drop a jar on the floor. It shatters, and sauce and glass go everywhere, including on my pant legs and feet - remember, I wore flip flops. I kind of freeze for a second, and take in what just happened. I've never dropped anything breakable on the floor in a food store before. I guess there's a first time for everything. But how embarrassing.

I apologized profusely, and mentioned, "Of course this would happen on my first trip out with the baby." Mind you, Cael is still screaming. And then I start crying. The lady in front of my feels bad for me, and tells me these things happen, and to not worry about it. She then goes on to help me unload the rest of my cart onto the conveyor. She was so sweet and helpful, and I am so thankful that she was so kind.

I finally get through the line and checked out (while they are cleaning up the saucy mess) - and I don't even know how much I spent; I just swiped my card and signed. I get to the exit, and it is POURING out. Of course it is. At least I have a cart to push everything the distance to the car this time. I get Cael into the car, and load the bags into the car, and am so ready to get home. HOWEVER, it turns out that the road out of the parking lot is FILLED with traffic, so I didn't move from my spot in the line for about 10 minutes.

I finally get home, and Cael wants to eat again. I put away the cold stuff, and leave the rest on the floor for Matt to put away when I get home. It was an absolutely horrible and exhausting trip out.

Here is a picture of Cael surrounded by groceries, screaming his head off. You'll notice at this time, there are TWO jars of sauce in the cart to the left. Yea, I only left with one.


  1. Haha awww! This does not encourage me to attempt our first trip out yet....

  2. I was not brave enough to get a cart full of stuff on my first outing. I took my stoller and attached the car seat then grabbed a hand basket. So sorry the outing went terrible...murphy's law.