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Friday, September 16, 2011

More Setbacks

So I'm pretty sure I've expressed how rough my recovery has been. If not, I'll say it now - my recovery has been slow and tedious, and nothing close to what I imagined it would be. I had follow-up appointment with my midwife today to re-check my hemoglobin levels. I guess usually they don't see patients this soon after delivery (12 days), but since I had a very low hemoglobin level when I was discharged, she wanted to see me to re-check it. Let me remind you, I was in the ER 2 days ago, where my hemoglobin was 8-point-something.

I also wanted to bring up the sharp pains that I've been having in my pelvis, below my belly button, since Wednesday morning. It feels like sharp gas pains, but I know it's not gas because it's not moving. Plus, my belly-button REALLY hurts when you put even the slightest amount of pressure on it. ALSO, my left breast is starting to get sore and has some redness to it. I sure know how to turn a quick, finger-prick-only visit into a full on examination.

I was examined "down there", and that looked fine. She examined my breast, and determined that I had left breast mastitis. Wonderful. And she wasn't happy with how tender I was when she was examining my belly, so she had me get a pelvic ultrasound right there.

Let me tell you - I have the ugliest uterus I've ever seen on ultrasound! It was sticking strait up, and filled with fluid/blood/etc. I even had a rather large collection of fluid/blood/etc in my cervix. Truly ugly. Very ugly. I knew it didn't look good, and meant that I had an infection of some sort.

After showing the ultrasound pictures to one of the doctors in the practice, it was determined that I did indeed have a uterine infection. Endometritis to be exact. Great. So that, combined with my mastitis earned me a 10 day regime of Keflex. Even better. Now I'm terrified that I'm going to get thrush. I was also put on Methergine to make me cramp and contract, and try to get whatever fluid/blood/etc that is in there, out.

So to sum it up, I'm very anemic - my hemoglobin was 7.9 by the way - have mastitis, and have a uterine infection. Go recovery! :::enter sarcasm:::

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