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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cael's Second Weight Check

Today we had Cael's second newborn visit and weight check. He gained 11 ounces in 9 days, bringing his weight up to 8 pounds 6 ounces!! My little porker! They also measured his length and head circumference. He is now 21.25 inches long, and his head is 14.75 inches around. He's definitely growing, so the pediatrician was happy about that.

I also brought up a little rash that he has right above the base of his penis. It looks like a cluster of tiny bumps. The pediatrician thinks it could be some type of yeast rash, which he said isn't uncommon in newborns. So he gave us a prescription for a cream to put on twice a day to see if that heals it.

Cael also went on to spit up 3 times while being examined, which made me bring up that he's been starting to spit up more after feedings, and get heavy-sounding hiccups after every feeding. The pediatrician said it sounds like reflux, so he gave us a prescription for that as well. We also have to start him on vitamin D because he's breastfed - so a multivitamin - so we got a third prescription for that as well.

We go back next Thursday to recheck his weight and rash, and follow-up about his reflux. We were also told we can start Tummy Time with him. He's been holding his head up since day one, getting stronger each day. The pediatrician seemed really impressed by that, although he was trying to not sound too impressed. "He's really strong," he told us. No kidding! He's already using his legs to push himself up when we're holding him. We're definitely going to have our hands full with him, that's for sure!

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