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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hello 3rd Trimester, Hello!

According to my midwife today, the beginning of the 25th week marks the beginning of the 3rd trimester! Wha-wha-whatt!? That just sounds so crazy to me! I asked her because I have been wondering. I know there are probably different answers to this question, but she referred to the gestational wheel, so I'm taking her word for it. I just can't believe that I'm pregnant with a 3rd trimester baby right now :) It makes me smile.

Our follow-up appointment today went well. Of course, last night I started having actual pain (I described it as a burning-cramping-tearing feeling) on the right side, just under my belly button. It hurts when I move, or am stretched out flat. But everything felt and sounded good at the appointment today. His heart rate was 160bpm, and the midwife thinks the pain I'm experiencing is just growing and stretching. She suggested regular-strength Tylenol and heating pad - which Matt when out and got me today. I secretly had co-worker scan me when I got back to work, and my appendix is normal, and my placenta looked fine. I could have just listened to my midwife, but that's the worrier in me.

We also accomplished something else big today. We got the loan we needed to start the construction of the apartment! I thought we would never get started on it, and that poor Cael would never have a room. But now, since we have the estimate and the money for it, we should have everything done by July - early August the absolute latest. The construction shouldn't take more than 3 days tops, but it's getting the contractor to figure out when he could do the work. As a reminder, we're taking over a living room just outside our apartment door; our old living room will become Cael's nursery (with the building of a new wall); our two exterior doors will be removed, re-aligned and re-hung; and our apartment door will be removed, and a new entry-way put in. It will be like a half wall open entry, because it will go into our kitchen. It will definitely open everything up, and we'll obviously have more room with the addition of a room. We also have to paint everything and do the flooring, but those are things Matt will do after the new walls go up. I am so excited, and can't wait until it happens!

:::No more scares for Mommy, Cael. You hear!?:::

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