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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Today is Mother's Day! My first official Mother's Day, unofficially. Matt woke me up this morning with breakfast in bed, which I loved. I've never had breakfast in bed before. I felt so special and loved.

Yesterday was also an awesome day - we got all of Cael's nursery furniture, including his crib mattress. Turns out the crib we got for free from a friend was a recalled metal, white, drop-side crib. I figured it out after I cleaned the whole thing off, and immediately was disappointed. So instead of going to Babies R Us on Saturday to find a matching dresser/changer combo, we now had to go and find a crib.

But lucky for us, BRU was having an amazing sale on furniture - 20% off all furniture. So we got his changing table, lifetime convertible crib, 4 drawer dresser and mattress yesterday - for only $550! Which I feel is amazing for everything we got considering some of the cribs or dressers alone were close to that price. We also got an additional 10% off because we opened a BRU credit card. We wanted to stay away from another credit card since all of our debt will be paid off in 3 months, and we did away with credit cards, but it was 12 months interest free and an additional 10% off everything. We were going to pay for it all then and there anyway, so we'll have no problem paying it off. I'm so excited! Here is a picture of the furniture set from a website :)

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