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Sunday, July 22, 2012

46 Weeks Old!

46 weeks old!
Time has just been flying by so fast, that I totally didn't post about this. As of June 30, 2012, it has been 1 year since I've been out of work. At this point in time, I'm one week away from being out of work for 13 months. That is just insane to me. But at the same time, Cael's 1st birthday is coming up shortly as well.

Speaking of birthday's, we just got home a few hours ago from Long Island. It was my best friends' son's 1st birthday party. He is 6 weeks older than Cael, so it was nice to be pregnant at the same time as my best friend. His party theme was "Liam's Circus" with blue and orange colors. It was so cute, and everything came out great. There was tons of food, and the cake was HUGE and delicious. It made me really excited for Cael's party.

Liam is a solid boy. He's 26 pounds and very tall. Makes Cael look very small. It's so cute to see them together though. They played so nicely together, especially at the water table -which you know is Cael's favorite summer toy. It was a short trip to Long Island, but it was wonderful to meet up with old friends again. After 8 years, we all still remained in contact. I love those ladies! It's amazing that we're all getting, or are, married, and having babies. When did we become adults!?

Cael has been walking about the same over the past week. No more than 4 steps at a time before he falls forward. He's been standing by himself a lot more though. You can tell his confidence in himself is getting much better. And, Cael reached another milestone. He got into a standing position all by himself on Saturday! I didn't see the whole thing, because I was looking away for a second, but when I looked back, he was standing, and there was nothing there for him to pull up on. We called Matt over to tell him, and he was amazed as well. He's growing up so fast

Cael and Liam - The duo are on a mission!
It's definite - we're going to have 2 parties for Cael. One on Long Island for the rest of the family and our friends, and one here in PA for our few friends here and Matt's family. We're expecting about 20 or so guests at the party here. My bff said we can have his party at her house. It was such a relief, because I didn't think we were going to be able to have one down there. We can't afford to rent a hall or have it at a restaurant, especially since we're inviting about 55 people, and expecting about 40ish guests to come. I'm so excited that we're having a party there for him. It has nothing to do about gifts, and all to do with our friends and family having the opportunity to celebrate with us. We plan on these parties being a big deal. We don't plan on having huge parties like this for subsequent parties. It'll be a nice party there, because she has a large yard with a play set for the kids. Both parties will be a lot of fun.

Taking bites out of a "wagon wheel"
while on the way home
I received the invitations from VistaPrint on Friday before we left for Long Island. I love the card stock, and the way they came out. They're beautiful. I have to address them this upcoming week, and hopefully get them out ASAP. I'm also going to order the themed plates, cups, napkins, etc tomorrow. I should have them by the end of the week. Then I plan on taking those plates to Party City to try and match the colors to some solid plates and cups, this way we have enough for everyone. We also decided to keep the mustache theme for both parties. I figured I'm going to have left over mustache supplies from the first party, that I might as well get 2 uses out of them if I can. I'm really excited for the parties. My next plans are to talk to bakery's for pricing, and figure out the food for both parties. I'm overwhelmed thinking about it all! But since money is semi-tight, I'm also going to try and do whatever I can myself. It'll add a personal touch.

Cael in a glimpse:

  • He loves throwing things, and he gets some far distance. Also, he mostly uses his left hand for this.
  • Cael loves pushing his trucks around, and barreling them into things such as walls and other toys.
  • Cael has become very chatty! Whenever he's playing, he's always gabbing.
  • He is becoming very good at holding big pieces of food, and taking small bites out of it (as opposed to putting the whole thing in his mouth). Such a big boy!
Now here are some pictures from the birthday party we went to:
(Mind you, these pictures didn't come out as well as I wanted, because of the difference in lighting due to shadows in the yard)

Clown nose!

Having fun!

"Fish bowls" for prizes 

Favors - Candy and a scented sugar scrub!

The birthday boy's high chair
Spritz cookies made by a friend and myself. They were yummy!
Circus peanuts, and cake pops in the background

Loving watermelon!

Giving kisses!

L & C playing together

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