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Sunday, July 8, 2012

44 Weeks Old!

I know I just did a post on Wednesday when Cael turned 10 months old, but I can't ignore another week. I figured I'd do more of an update on how things are going with Cael.

First off, we went camping with my mom and family from Thursday to Saturday. This is the 3rd time I've taken Cael camping, and he gets better each time. He did much better going down to sleep in the PnP, and didn't take a long time to fall asleep, like he did in May when we went camping. He also slept through the night for the most part. The first night, he got up at 4, but that was because my brother set his alarm for 4 to get up and go fishing. It took a little while to get him back to sleep, but he eventually did because I kept him next me to on the couch bed.

Speaking of couch bed, those 2 nights I slept on the couch in the room were the most uncomfortable nights ever. I woke up so sore and stiff, and my sciatica was actually irritated. It's a pretty narrow couch, and I can't put it into a bed because the PnP just fits with the couch as a couch. So Cael took up most of the couch area, and I was hanging off the side - thus the stiffness. It was okay though, because I love the cuddles.

Cael also had fun with a little girl who was there. A long-time camping buddy of mine - we've both camped at that same site since we were tiny - was up, and she had her 18 month old daughter with her. I didn't camp last summer because I was on bed rest, and it was too much of a risk going, so I didn't get to see her daughter. She has grown so much, and I can't believe she is 18 months already. I really does go fast. They both enjoyed playing with Cael's water table, especially since it was hot out. I'm glad he had another baby to play with. He really needs to socialize.

Cael and I had a lot of fun swimming in the river while camping, too. There were parts of the river that were up to my neck, and I had Cael in the deep end too. The river wasn't moving quickly where we were, so we were safe. Actually, it was a separate swimming hole that was up to my neck. Cael had a lot of fun when I would hold onto just his hands, hold him away from me, and dunk him into the water up to his chest. He would kick and kick, and smile. We spent about an hour in the water on Friday, and it was a lot of fun. I'm really happy that he's getting used to being in water, and seeming to enjoy it.

So, over the past week, Cael has learned to do some new things. First off, which I'm excited about, is that he figured out how to blow raspberries. I was shocked the first time he did it, but I think it's oh-so-cute. He makes quite a wet mess though! I'm just happy that he hasn't blown raspberries while eating! That would make quite a mess, and give me anxiety. He also mimics raspberry blowing, so if you blow raspberries at him, he'll blow them back. I think that's really cool, because he's developing so much, and it seems he's starting to understand what's going on around him.

Cael is also becoming more interested in all his toys. I went a bought a storage container to put all his toys in, and to act as a toy box. It's working out really well, because now he can go through all his toys and pull out what he wants. Before, I was keeping them all in the PnP, and taking out what I thought he would want to play with. No he can make the decision on his own. His favorite toys are his trucks. He LOVES to push his trucks around the floor, and spends a lot of alone time playing with them. He loves the CAT 4x4 truck that Matt came home with one day. And when I say around the floor, I mean all over the floor. He crawls while pushing them around. I can see that he now understands what the trucks do, and it's that they roll around. I love watching him explore different things, and figure out how things work.

Finally, the biggest update of all... . . . Cael can say "Dada"!!! He started saying it on Friday while we were camping. I couldn't believe it, and became so excited to hear it. Of course, I want him to say "Mama", but I think it's great that he's saying "Dada", too. Of course, he isn't saying it in the correct context yet, but once he learns that Matt is his "Dada", I'm sure he'll be calling him "Dada". So as of now, his "vocabulary" includes: Bababababa, Blahblahblahblah, Eyeyayaeyayay and now Dadadadada.

Getting breakfast from Aunt Ashley
We love camping!
Getting dirty in the rocks

He's got 6 teeth in there!!
Grandma and Cael

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