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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Finally, My Doctor Update

This is a long time coming, but I figured I would still post an update. I went for my follow-up appointment on May 31st to check the granuloma site. I was pretty sure it fell off the day after the silver nitrate application a week and half before the follow-up appointment. So I was convinced that this would be just a simple check. My best friend S came along this time, so that she could help me watch Cael. It was a great help.

So after telling the doctor that I haven't had any spotting or pain since the last appointment, and that I think it fell off, he started to examine me. Actually, correction - the resident examined me while the doctor oversaw. This resident was very twitchy, and kind of rough, so it was a rather uncomfortable exam. Much to my dismay, the doctor and resident said that there was still a little piece left. The doctor then gave me a choice of what I wanted to do. He said that it can easily be snipped off with some local anesthetic, or he can put another application of silver nitrate on. I cringed at the thought of both ideas, so I told the doctor to do whatever he thought was best, that I knew it was going to hurt either way.

He decided that the silver nitrate would be best, so the resident applied it. I was ready for the horrid pain I felt last time, but to be honest, it wasn't that bad. It also helped that the same nurse who was in with me last time let me squeeze her hand. He said this application should take care of it. And that in one week, he wanted me to use some KY or Vaseline, and massage the area where the granuloma was. This will help stretch the scar tissue, and make it easier/less sore when I have sex. He said to also wait a couple days after that to have sex. He didn't want to see me for a follow-up, but said that if anything was wrong, or if I was having any problems, to contact them and he'd see me again.

It's been almost 3 weeks since my follow-up appointment, and we've had sex twice. We're having some issues with condoms, which is why it's so few. But both times, it wasn't uncomfortable for me at all, and I enjoyed it. Speaking of condoms, I cannot wait to get an IUD. I'm really looking forward to getting the Paragard, which is a non-hormonal IUD. It's copper, and it can last for 12 years, which is perfect for us since we don't plan on extending our family. The only problem is the cost. After calling our insurance company, I found out that they cover it only after our $500 deductible is met, and then it's only covered 50%. The Paragard itself is roughly $500-600, so that would be a total cost of roughly $700-800 if I went through my OB/Gyn. So I decided to call Planned Parenthood, to see what their costs would be.

PP still bills the insurance, and it's more of a process than I thought it would be for PP. I have to have a consultation appointment first, which consists of a PAP smear, pelvic exam, and figuring out if the Paragard is "right for me". That appointment is subject to our $20 copay. Then they set me up with another appointment  to have the IUD put in. But before that, they will give me the approximate total cost. Basically, they contact the insurance company, and whatever they don't cover, I'll be subject to pay at a reduced price through a sliding scale. I really want to have the Paragard put in, so I hope it's not that expensive in the end. They have walk-in hours tomorrow, so I'll go while Matt has off. We'll see what happens.

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