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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

6 Months Of Cloth Diapering

This month marks the 6th month that we've been using cloth diapers. I'm still in love with them, and enjoy using cloth diapers. We've only used disposable diapers at limited times, like when we went camping last month, and every Tuesday night now for the summer, when my mother-in-law watches Cael at night so we can go bowling. After several Wednesday mornings of waking up to Cael being soaked, I realized that she wasn't putting the cloth diaper on right. I guess she was afraid to put it on too tight, so it would be really loose, to the point of falling off, in the morning. So after dealing with soaked mornings, I decided to let her put a disposable on him Tuesday nights. It's easier for her, and I don't have to completely change Cael's clothes the next morning. I still have some left over from camping (a whole unopened sleeve, actually), so it works out. Plus, they were Babies R' Us brand, so they were relatively cheap. I will never, ever buy Walmart brand again. They leaked HORRIBLY for us.

After trying my homemade detergent a while back, and having it fail epic-ly, we switched to Tide Original Powder. I had to add a few extra rinses at the end of the cycle, but it's been working great. And I haven't needed to buy a new container yet since we switched, and we still have a little left. It's not that expensive to use, although I'm sad I couldn't use the detergent I made. I did buy the Ivory bar soap to transition it to detergent for clothes, but I haven't gotten around to grating 4 bars yet to add in. In time, I guess.

I finally moved Cael to the middle-rise snap position on the Flip diapers. He's still on the mid-rise snap position on the BumGenius' diapers, and have been for a while. Basically, now all his diapers are on the mid-rise. There are a few new ones that I got, similar to BabyLand, from a friend for $20 for 11 diapers, and I have them on the biggest snap setting. They fit funny, which is why I have it bigger. They also leak, sadly, so I can't keep them on him for longer than 2 hours TOPS. I have to strip all the diapers again anyway, so I'm hoping that after they're all stripped (even though they were new), it will stop the leaking. However, I think the problem lies in the fact that they're a cheaply made type of diaper, and there isn't any reinforcement material behind the PUL where the size-snaps are. So the moisture is wicking around the edges of the snaps. If that makes sense. We shall see.

So overall, I'm still happy with my decision to cloth diaper. I feel that I've saved a lot of money by not having to constantly buy disposable diapers. They're easy to wash, and, of course, they're adorable on Cael's butt! Definitely the choice for us!


  1. Yay!!! We are in month 9...though Aidan is on the last adjustment for my FuzziBunz. His thighs are making things difficult!

  2. Yay! Fortunately, Cael doesn't have overly chunky thighs. He's definitely chunked up, but they haven't been a problem with the diapers :)