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Friday, May 11, 2012

Working On 3 More Teeth!

Cael's top gums look pitiful. They're all swollen and white in the middle, where the 2 middle teeth would come in. And his top right lateral incisor is just about to break through the gum. He's going to look like a vampire! You can definitely feel it with your finger.

His gums changed in a matter of days. It was maybe 2 days since I last looked at his gums, and when I did again 2 days later, they were completely different. The top middle was completely swollen. I felt (and still feel) so bad for him. You can't see the two top middle teeth yet, but I know they're working they're way down. His gums wouldn't change like that for nothing.
Chewing on Sophie
From happy and smiling to crying and fussy
in a minute flat. This was my day today.
Today was a horrible day for Cael. We were supposed to go out to a birthday party tonight for someone within our bowling league, but Cael was so miserable that we just stayed home. He cried so much today, and just wanted me to hold him. I'm lucky I even got to shower today. He even screams when Matt holds him, so we didn't want to torture him, or Matt's mom with him screaming. He just wouldn't calm down if we left him, so we stayed in with him.

Bottom middle teeth, and his top lateral incisor
coming in. You can see how swollen his gums are.
He only slept for a total of about 1.5 hours today for his nap. So he was just plain miserable today. To make it worse, he's developed a horrible diaper rash that is oozing. He screams when I change his diaper and wipe/blot him. I just want to cry when he screams, because I'm the one hurting him. His cries are just heart-wrenching pain screams. It just hurts me to the core. I'm sure it developed because of either the teething and/or the antibiotics he's on. He still has a good amount of antibiotic left, and we have to finish the bottle this time. He'll probably be on it for another week or so. In hopes of making the pain go away after putting a new diaper on him, I load his tush up with Butt Paste. After the diaper is back on, he seems to calm down some, especially when I pick him up and hold him. He just clutches onto me for dear life.

My poor little man. But I do love the extra cuddles, snuggles and hugs that he's giving me.

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