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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Post-Partum Issues...Still

:::TMI Warning. This post has some details in it that may not be for the weak:::

I've been dealing with an issue for the past few months. Actually, if you think about it, it's been since I delivered Cael. But I kept telling myself it wasn't a problem, and that I would heal. But here we are, 8.5 months after I delivered Cael, and it's still going on. It was time to go to the doctor.

I thought I have been spotting for the past 1.5 months. Everyday, there would be a little bit of blood on my underwear (panty liner, really). Just enough to look like spotting. Almost every time I wipe after going to the bathroom, the toilet paper would be tinged pink. Every day. I figured it was hormones causing me to spot. Until I actually checked things out "down there". Upon examination with a mirror, I discovered what looked like a tear that was still bleeding. It was bright red, towards the back part of my lady bits, where I originally tore during delivery. Ah-hah! That was the culprit. That is why Matt and I still can't have sex without it hurting, and that is why I've been "spotting" for the past month+.

Matt had wanted me to make an appointment for a few months now, since it's still painful during sex. It burns, like there is a razor on his penis, cutting me. I can usually only last about 5 minutes before we have to stop because it hurts. I think there was one time that I was able to last.

So anyway, I went to a new midwife on Monday. She was really nice, and I really like the office. I think there is also general practice there as well. It's a pretty big building with a lot of space. I arrived a little early, expecting to fill out tons of paperwork because I was a new patient. But nope - the receptionist just verified my address, phone number and insurance (without looking at my card), and told me to have a seat. I gave them that info over the phone when I made the appointment, but still, I thought they would need to see my card. I was promptly called in, vitals taken, and then put in a room with a nurse to take my history. That's why I didn't need to fill out paperwork about my history, because they verbally took it. Which is nice.

So the outcome of the appointment was this. The midwife saw what I was talking about, but said it wasn't a tear. She called it a "skin tag type of formation" that looked to be caused by not healing properly. She said it was definitely caused by my tear, and should have been healed by now. Because of that, it needed to be fixed/repaired. Unfortunately, she couldn't do anything for me, and said she wanted me to see a doctor at the main office in the hospital (which is about an hour from me). She said he would probably have to remove/cut off the skin tag, and re-stitch me up. :::Enter shudders::: Yikes! But ok, I knew something would probably have to be done, but wasn't thinking a surgical procedure.

Turns out she wanted me seen by the doctor within 2 days preferably. They couldn't get me an appointment right there, and told me that the supervisor would have to call me with an appointment because there weren't any available. They'd have to fit me in. So I waited all of Monday, and called yesterday to find out what was going on. After being transferred 3 times, and talking to the triage nurse (who could override appointments), I finally got an appointment on Friday at 3:30. I'm very nervous for what he'll say. But I did ask the nurse if anything surgical would be done at that appointment, just so I know if I have to bring someone to watch Cael, and she said no, that it was a consultation. So I shall find out on Friday what needs to be done. Hopefully this will be it, and I can begin to finally heal.

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