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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sick. Again!

I thought that Cael and I had escaped getting sick while visiting Long Island for 2 weeks. However, I was greatly mistaken. On Friday afternoon, my throat started hurting. I thought it was allergies, because I had been around cats at that time. But when I woke up on Saturday morning, it was more than allergies - I had a sore throat, I ached, and my nose was both stuffy and runny. I felt like crap. I was supposed to visit my brother, sister-in-law and nephews, but I had to cancel because I didn't want them to get sick. I was really sad about that, but I'll just visit them when I'm down next time.

Saturday is also when Cael started a fever. He had a rash on his right cheek since Friday, and he had a glassy look to his eyes Saturday morning. Early in the afternoon, my mom and I noticed he felt warm, so I took his temperature. He had a 101.3 fever. Wonderful. Matt was really going to be upset now. It always seems that every time I visit LI, we come back sick. We got home Sunday afternoon, and I took his temperature again. It was a 103.3! He had never had a temperature this high before, and I became really concerned. He was just not himself. He was a giant mush, and just wanted to cling to him mommy.

I put a call into his pediatrician's office to find out what to do. A nurse called back, and the short of it was to control the fever, and if it gets to 105 rectally, to call right back. After going through all his symptoms, she said to just have him seen within 24 hours. I've been giving him Tylenol and Advil, and finally after having a high fever most of Sunday, we got it down to a "comfortable" 101 by Sunday night. My mommy instinct was telling me that he had an ear infection again. If I would touch anywhere around his ears, he would wince and scream in pain.

The problem that we had, was with what doctor to bring him to. Since we are now on Matt's health insurance, Cael's pediatrician isn't covered AT ALL because he's in a different state. There is no "Out of Network" with this insurance. It all in-network. So we would have to pay for the appointment completely out of pocket, and not to mention the hour and 15 minute drive to get there. Matt suggested bringing him to our doctor, since we love him so much. Plus, he's also board certified in pediatrics. I had a hard time thinking of switching pedi's, but we have to do what we have to do. And at least we know our doctor.

So yesterday morning, I called our doctor, and made an appointment for Cael. We saw the PA and she was nice. We only saw her because Cael was a "new patient" and needed an hour appointment that day, and our doctor was completely booked. Otherwise, we'd see our doctor.

Well, the mommy instinct was right, unfortunately. I hate that I was right. Cael has an infection in his right ear. His left ear looked a little pink, but not bad. We were given Amoxicillin for him to take, and I hope it works the first time around. Last time, it didn't work, and Cael's ear infection stuck around until we treated it with Omnicef. I asked about a follow appointment to make sure it's gone, because I'm concerned that it won't be treated the first round. She said that it's recommended (by the AAP?) to not do follow-ups for ear infections, because the ear may still look a little pink. It can be a little deceiving, as the provider won't be able to tell if it's healing or still active. She said that if he starts running a fever again after finishing the antibiotics, then to call, and they'll see him again. Good enough for me, I guess.

I really hope that he doesn't continue to get ear infections. I would hate for him to have them all the time, and I hate the possibility that he could possible need tubes in his ears. BUT, that's a long time away, and it's all speculation. For now, I'm just cuddling my little man to make him feel better.

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