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Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Doctor Appointment Today

I had my consultation appointment today with a new Gyne doctor. I knew it would take me about an hour to get to the hospital, but I wanted to leave 1.5 hours before my appointment, because I had never been there before, and wanted to make sure I had enough time. So after a very productive morning, which included going to Walmart, getting dinner going in the crock pot, making cookies from SCRATCH!, and separating and freezing 5 pounds of ground beef, I was ready to leave at 2 pm.

I got there, checked in, signed two papers, and then sat down and waited. I was almost immediately called in. It was a very efficient office. I was weighed (I'm happy to report that I'm 108), my blood pressure taken, and then my history gone over. I explained why I was there to the nurse, and she typed in her notes for the doctor. She left, and I got undressed. I waited for about 10 minutes or so in the exam room. I had Cael in with me, because no one could come with me. He was okay at first, but then quickly started fussing and crying. I did the best I could with being naked from the waist down. After he was screaming for 10 minutes, 2 nurses came in to see what was going on. They were so sweet, and offered to walk him around in the stroller while I was examined. I thankfully agreed, telling them he just needs to keep moving, and that he's tired, so he may fall asleep. After they left, I no longer heard him crying, and the doctor came right in.

He examined me, and called what is wrong a granuloma. He saw it right away. He said it formed when the two sides of the tear healed, and turned inside out. He explained it like if you curl your lip outward, the inner part is outward, and it wouldn't like to be that way for an extended time. Which is why it bleeds and hurts, because it's not mean to be external. The examination hurt, since the area is still very sensitive. He decided that the best course of treatment would be to apply silver nitrate. I was warned by someone in my Sweet Pea group that SN burns really bad, and that it hurts, so I was prepared. However, at the same time, I wasn't prepared. That stuff set my vagina on fire! It hurt so bad, that I started crying. It was worse than childbirth, I'm pretty sure. I went medication-free with Cael, and I didn't cry. Whimper, yes, but not crying. This stuff hurts. 

He said that the granuloma may fall off, and that is normal. It should be good after that, but he wants to recheck it in 2 weeks, so I have a follow-up appointment on the 30th. He said if it hasn't fallen off completely by then, that he might use a forcep to grab it, and then just "snip it off" (his words..::shudder::), and use silver nitrate again so I wouldn't need stitches. I really hope it falls off on it's own. The snipping can't be pleasant. 

After the appointment, I had to sit in a car for an hour to drive myself home. That wasn't pleasant either. At that point, it wasn't as painful as when he applied it, but it still hurt. It's a very uncomfortable feeling. Earlier this evening, it started bleeding/spotting again, so I hope that's normal. I really hope that this is all healed soon, so that I can get back to having a normal sex life again. That would be nice.

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