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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Weight Loss & Blood Work

105. That's my current weight. I have not been this light since high school. I dropped 13 pounds in about 2.5 weeks. I know that weight loss is common with breastfeeding, but I became concerned because of how much weight I've lost in so little time. I was 149 the week I delivered, meaning I've lost 44 pounds in 10 weeks. Right before I got pregnant, I was 123, so I'm currently 18 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight.

I called my midwife to find out if this was something I should be concerned over. She said that it was a considerable amount of weight that I lost, and that she was concerned my thyroid might be overactive. So she sent me for blood work. I also asked how much longer I need to take iron twice a day for. They want my hemoglobin to be normal for a little while before I stop it, so she also had my iron levels checked during the same blood work.

A few days later, and I got the results. Turns out my thyroid is perfectly normal, as is my iron! My iron was 12.6, so it's low-normal. But it's a big plus - my hemoglobin went from 6 to 12.6 in 10 weeks, all on my own, without a blood transfusion. Therefore, I only have to take my iron once a day, probably for the next few months. She wants me to follow up with my primary physician about the weight loss, and to also get my hemoglobin re-checked in a few months. I'm happy with that. So in the meantime, I will appreciate the weight loss I've been fortunately given, since nothing seems to be wrong.

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