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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Cael's first Thanksgiving! We'll be spending Thanksgiving at home with Matt's family. They're making dinner, and I made a dessert to "bring". Home-made baked apple crisp. Yum!

I dressed Cael in his Thanksgiving outfit with a matching bib that says "My First Thanksgiving". It is so adorable! And of course, it has a turkey on the butt. I love the Carter's outfits with the appliques on the butt.

Here is the apple crisp I made. I can't wait to try it tonight. Matt was awesomely helpful and peeled the 11 apples for me while I mixed the dry ingredients. Definitely made the prep time a lot quicker. Hopefully it came out good :).

Here is my little Turkey! I knew I wanted to take a picture of him in a pot with spoons for Thanksgiving (since I took one of him in a pumpkin for Halloween. But adding the sweet potatoes, stuffing and cranberry sauce completed the picture, I think. It started out ok, and I got a few good pictures. But then he wasn't having anymore of it, and had a meltdown. He was still cute. (Oh yea, we cheated. He wasn't actually sitting up on his own. Matt had his arm behind the put, and holding onto the back of Cael's shirt so he wouldn't slump over).

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