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Sunday, November 13, 2011

10 Weeks Old!

Another week has gone by. My lil' man is 10 weeks old already, and I can't believe it. Last night was the first night we tried to have Cael sleep in his crib. And it went rather well; no different than any other night this past week. He was put down for bed at about 10:15 last night, and got up at 2:30am, 4:30am and 8:20am. I wish he would go back to sleeping through the night, but according to his pediatrician, sleeping through the night doesn't become consistent until about 4 months of age. So I got lucky from 6-8 weeks I guess.

I'm proud to announce that this past week I've been cooking dinner every night. I know - I should have told you to have a seat first, huh? So far, I've made spedini's, Shepherd's pie, crock pot lasagna, chicken cutlets, pork chops and Hawaiian pineapple chicken in the crock pot. Impressive, right? Well maybe not, but it's a huge step in the right direction for me, considering all I've made for my entire life is frozen or processed food. So I'm quite proud of myself. I also bought a new crock pot (5 qt) from Walmart for only $15. I've formed a whole new relationship with my new crock pot. It's so easy! I also fell in love with Pinterest, which is where I'm finding most of my recipes. It's so addictive! And helpful. Oh yea - Matt loves the new me, and having dinner when he gets home from work :). I'm loving this new stay-at-home-mom role that I'm in now.

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