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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

7 Weeks!

I can't believe my little man is 7 weeks old! The time is just flying by, and it honestly upsets me. He's been out of newborn sized clothes for a while now, and in 0-3 months. But now his 0-3 size onesies are getting a little snug. :( So very sad. I also weighed him again this weekend (this time naked), and the scale said 11.4 pounds. Last week, it said 11.6 pounds, so I don't know what that's about. I guess he hasn't gained any weight in a week, but I think that's ok. I've also lost some more weight. I'm down to 112!! I haven't been this light since over a year ago, when I was going to the gym. And just 2 days before I weighed in at 112, I was 114. I wonder why I'm losing so much. I'm eating 3 meals a day. Maybe it's the breastfeeding.

Cael has had some "milestones" this last week. On Tuesday, October 18, Cael discovered he has a tongue. He started playing with it in his mouth, flipping it around and sticking it out. The faces he makes when he plays with his tongue are so cute! Then on Sunday, October 23rd, Cael figured out that he has a fist and thumb to suck on! So far, he's only gagged himself once by putting his thumb too far down his throat. But the sucking noises he makes are so stinking cute!

This past weekend, we took Cael pumpkin picking for the first time. I walked around with him in the carrier. It was a little windy and chilly, but Cael was nice and bundled up. We had a lot of fun, going with mom and all my siblings. It was a nice family outing. And then yesterday, we carved pumpkins. I carved out "Cael's 1st Halloween", and I have to admit, it came out pretty darn awesome! It's been a really nice week down on Long Island with my family, but I'm really missing Matt by now. Cael and I will be heading back home on Thursday, and I can't wait to get a big hug from Matt.

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  1. Cael is so adorable! I love the pumpkin carving, too.