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Thursday, October 13, 2011

1 Month Old!

I can't believe that a month has gone by already (longer at this point)! Cael has been growing by leaps and bounds, gaining weight like crazy and eating like crazy. At this rate, the pediatrician says he's gaining about 1.5 ounces a day. That's a lot!!

He's also holding his head up on his own for an extended amount of time. And about a week and a half ago, he smiled at me after I was talking to him. Although he has a lot of fussy times, especially during the day, he's slept for at least 4.5 hours strait during the night. And that makes me very happy, because I get to sleep too :)

I also figured I'd share my 4 week postpartum belly. At this point, I've lost a total of 33 pounds, and I only gained 26 pounds during the pregnancy.

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