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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Why, Hello There Old *Friend*

Yup. It's finally happened. Last night, exactly 2 weeks before Cael turns 1, I got my first postpartum period. I had some brown spotting Monday night, after having sex, but thought it was just from a small tear or something. Then last night, after having sex again, it was a lot more, and red. This happened last time with my granuloma, but that's long gone now. I thought, "could it be??". Well, it is. This morning when I woke up and went to the bathroom, the blood was dripping out. I had some minor cramping last night too, so I know is't "her". So far it isn't that bad, but I have heard that the 1st postpartum period can be bad, with heavy bleeding and cramping. I always had that anyway, so we shall see. Maybe, since it's been almost a year since Cael was born (and December 2010 was my last period!!), it won't be too bad. Since I also want to see if my cycles will become more normal, I started using Fertility Friend again. We're not going to be trying for another baby, but I've also thought about taking my BBT in the mornings again. Just for a few cycles, and just to see when ovulation occurs. Hopefully going through pregnancy and delivery will have some positive effect on my cycles and periods.

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