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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Nineteen Weeks!!!

Oh my gosh. One more week until I'm half-baked! I can't believe that I'm 19 weeks already. I say it every week - I can't believe I'm this far along already. I've been feeling a lot of movement too. I love feeling Cael move - it's the best feeling in the world. It truly is. Especially when I poke at my belly, and he kicks back. Right now, I'll feel him maybe a couple of times during the day. But I mostly feel him moving and kicking at night.

How far along?: 19 weeks!
Current Weight: 123, as far as I know.
Total weight gain: 0
How big is baby?: Size of a mango. The pregnancy tracker says that baby is 6 inches long, and weighs 8 ounces.
Maternity clothes?: Still in just mat jeans. No shirts yet.
Movement: Yup! Feeling lots of little kicks and little movements.
Stretch marks?: Nope.
Sleep?: Sleep is getting better, but I don't know if it's because I'm feeling more exhausted.
Symptoms?: Still throwing up (yesterday) occasionally, RLP, pelvic pressure, itchy nipples, peeing all the time.
Food aversions?: Nothing yet.
Food cravings?: Pizza, mac & cheese, pasta
Labor signs?: Nope.
Belly button in or out?: Becoming more out.
What I miss: Not having to get up early to pee.
What I'm looking forward to: Continuing to feel Cael kick me harder.
Best Moment this week: Feeling kicks from my son, Cael.
Milestone: Every passing day and week. Today I am pregnant, and I love my baby.

:::Keep kicking Mommy, Cael:::

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