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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

20 Months Old!

April 5 - May 4

Not a day goes by that I don't look at Cael in awe. It seems he's doing new things, or things better and better each day. He's using utensils better, getting better balance, understanding things we say more and more, and the list goes on. We also had our first major "separation" last month. I went to Cleveland, OH for a work conference to learn more about how to use the ultrasound machines. I left on a Thursday, and got home late on Sunday. Saying goodbye was harder for me than it was for Cael. He didn't know that he wasn't going to see his Mommy for several days. But Matt did really well with him, and they got a lot of bonding time. Matt sent me pictures daily, of both Cael and him. It definitely made the separation much easier. I learned a lot from the conference, but I couldn't wait to get home to my boys. I had the Monday after I got back off from work, which was nice because I got to spend time with Matt and Cael.

Getting braver and braver! Jumping into Daddy's arms
So, onto some exciting news. Cael is slowly starting to talk! He can say several words now: mama (my favorite), dada, thanks, down, nice, that, this, juice (he JUST said this yesterday, twice), and a few others that I can't remember right now. And he continuously babbles. I'm so happy he's starting to show some progress with talking. I wasn't overly worried, but it was still a concern. I hope he continues to learn and say more words. Honestly, the problem is that Cael is just stubborn. I hate to say it, but he is. He'll say a word without knowing we're paying attention, and then when we ask him to say it again, he get's shy and starts to whine. We know he knows how to say it, but he chooses not to. The little stinker!

In other news, we're officially weaning off the binky. Tonight is the 3rd night he's gone without it, and he didn't even put up a fuss. I'm so proud of him. The first night was rough. I had to soothe him several times after laying him down, and then he was up around midnight. We brought him to bed with us, and ended up giving him a bink. Last night, I only had to soothe him once after laying him down for bed, and he slept through the whole night without waking up! Matt had set a goal to have him completely weaned off the binky by the end of May, and although I was doubtful, I think we may actually succeed. My baby is getting so big.

The boy loves to eat! He's far from being a teenager, yet he certainly eats like one! - Mickey Mouse is a must in this house. He's obsessed! - Utensil-use has been mastered. He will even tap his spoon on the edge of his bowl to get off any excess. Mealtime has also been significantly cleaner! - Cuddles are few and far between anymore, so every.single.one. is cherished. - He will give kisses now if you ask him. It's a 50/50 shot that he'll give you one when you ask, but I'll take those odds over never getting a kiss! - He is a ball of energy, and loves to RUN laps around the apartment, most often pushing his Cars bubble mower around (sans bubbles, of course). - Still no signs of the 2-year molars. - Holy crow, 4 months until our Little Man turns 2!

More to come, if I can remember to update.

My favorite picture!
Constantly on the move!

Saying goodbye for a few days.
Fun with Daddy while Mommy is away
Time for another haircut!
Second haircut was a success! All it took was a lollipop!

This kid kills me!

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