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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Welcome Home!!

We finally made it to Virginia, and are settling in nicely. The moving company came on Sunday November 18th, and loaded everything up. Since we had no furniture to sleep on that night, and we weren't planning on leaving for VA until Monday morning, we slept upstairs on Matt's parents' couch. We loaded everything left over into our cars Sunday night, and were on the road Monday morning at around 9:30.

Long story short, we checked into the hotel for Monday night. The driver of the truck told us on Sunday that he would be able to deliver our belongings on Tuesday morning, from 8-9. We were thrilled, because originally, the estimate was anywhere from Tuesday to Friday, and Thanksgiving was on Thursday. So we changed our hotel reservation to only Monday night, checked out Tuesday, and drove to our hotel to wait for our delivery. Well, 9:15 rolled around, and there was no sign of the movers. So I called the company, and the dispatcher informed me that we were on the schedule for Wednesday morning. Say what?! Uh, well, that's not what we were told, and we already checked out of the hotel with our 2 dogs, and nothing to sleep on. That's not going to work at all. Unfortunately, there was nothing they could do. They were picking up a 15,000 pound shipment as we were talking. So we decided we would try to see if we could get an air mattress to sleep on for the night, and sleep in our apartment.

We ended up sleeping on the floor with just a blanket. Definitely not the most comfortable sleep we've had. It was horrible. Oh well, there was nothing we could have done. We were told the movers would be coming between 8-11. They showed up around 9:15, and were done unloading everything by 1 I think. So not too bad. But they did have 4 movers, which was awesome.

So at this point, we've been officially in our apartment (with furniture) for a week now. And I would say we're about 98% unpacked, and settled, which is amazing! Our friend stayed with us for a few days starting Wednesday night, and he helped a lot with the unpacking. He was hopped up on RedBull, and helped me unpack and put away my entire kitchen in 2 hours. I was so happy, because I was afraid we'd be living out of boxes. Much more unpacking soon followed in the following days, and at this point, we have only about 3 or so boxes left to find homes for. The boxes have crap in them that we threw in at the last minute, so it's just left over junk. We'll find a home for that stuff, but for now, I'm just happy we're mostly unpacked. It feels like home, and I love it.

All loaded up in the car Monday morning for our drive to VA
We made it to the hotel! Sharing some cuddles with Tyson
Tuesday! Checking out his bedroom.
What a view!

This is what you do when you have no furniture for a whole day.
You do what you gotta do to get a sick baby to sleep. Yes, I curled up in the PnP with Cael
Five Guys for dinner? Hell yes! Now if only we had a kitchen table.
It's moving day! For real this time!
Enjoying some Kix while the moving guys unload all of our belongings.
Boys will be boys. At least we finally have our stuff!
We finally have furniture, and Cael decides to sit on Tyson.
It didn't take long to find the Tupperware drawer.
Cael's room is looking put together!
Reading some books in his new room.
Cael LOVES the balcony!

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