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Monday, November 12, 2012

14 Months Old!!

October 5 - November 4

So here we are, 14 months old. I'm a little late to writing this post, as I have been lately. But you'll have to understand that. We've been packing up what we can, and preparing to move on the 19th. Not to mention the tons of phone calls I've had to make between HR, moving companies, apartments, etc.

So anyway, back to Cael. I feel like he's started doing so much the last month. Here are some key achievements/accomplishments/milestones from over the last month:
  • Cael has cut both top 1 year molars, and finally his bottom left lateral incisor. This brings the total teeth count to 10!
  • Starting to run. Or at least gain speed while walking. The boy is quick.
  • Dancing! More like alternating which foot he stomps, but he will do it if you tell him to dance.
  • Clapping! FINALLY! I couldn't wait for him to start doing this. And he understands when you tell him to clap too, so he knows what it means.
  • Temper tantrums. Oi veh. Consisting of throwing himself on the floor and screaming.
  • Learning how to use a spoon. He knows what he has to do, and the concept of how a spoon works, but hasn't mastered how to scoop the food onto the spoon.
  • Walks backwards.
  • Further breast weaning. He's down to 2 times a day - once when he wakes up, and again right before he goes to sleep.
  • Gives "high-fives" and "low-fives".
  • Shakes his head side to side, which Matt taught him. However, he doesn't yet know that also means "no". Which is good for me.
Cael babbles A LOT, and talks his own language, which mostly consists of similar syllables, but he hasn't really started saying anymore words. I guess I'm a little concerned, because I hear of lots of babies close to his age talking sentences, and Cael isn't anywhere near that. But at the same time, there are also babies that are doing what Cael is doing. So I know I shouldn't be too worried. He will constantly babble "dada", even when Matt isn't around. He still doesn't really say "mama" or "mom", but he will say "yum" whenever he eats or drinks something. I just have to keep reminding myself that babies all develop at different rates. AND once he starts talking, I'll probably wish he didn't talk..Haha.

Using a spoon
Milk dribble!

Helping mommy pack!
Big belly!!
Little Man fell off the couch, and onto a roll of parchment paper he was playing with earlier
November 6th - Election day!

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