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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012!!

Trick or treating was postponed from the 31st, to Saturday November 3rd, because of Hurricane Sandy. Most of the surrounding towns rescheduled trick or treating because of the superstorm. Matt and I took Cael trick or treating, along with one of our friends and some of Matt's family. We also took advantage of the awesome wagon that Matt's parents gave Cael for his birthday. We used that instead of the stroller, so that we wouldn't have to keep buckling him, unbuckling, buckling, etc., when we took him door to door.

Cael seemed to enjoy himself, even though he won't remember it. After going to a few doors, he finally got the idea of what was going on. Hmm, mommy takes me out of the wagon, walks me to a door, and some stranger puts colorful looking things in this pumpkin bucket I have. Okay, I can used to doing this.

Trick or treating here is different than on Long Island. It seems that the houses here that you would go to are more spaced out, because not every house hands out candy. And those that do, are decorated, have lights on, and the residents are usually outside handing candy out. And even though the houses in town are close together, you don't walk house to house like you would on Long Island, because like I said, not every house hands out candy. On Long Island, from what I remember, you went to several houses in a row, and the houses you went to usually handed out candy. I guess it's different with every location. I wonder how trick or treating works in Virginia, and with an apartment complex.

I was a little upset that we didn't get to go pumpkin picking this year, or even carve a pumpkin. I was really sad over it, actually. Because I know he would have had fun doing those things. But between going to VA to look for an apartment, and taking care of job/moving responsibilities, we just didn't have the time. I know there's always next year, but this is the first year he would have enjoyed Halloween.

Oh well, here's my little Raccoon having fun trick or treating!

It was freezing out!!
What a tired little trick or treater! He just couldn't
keep his eyes open.

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