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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Cael's NY 1st Birthday Mustache Bash!

After Cael's PA party didn't turn out the way I planned it in my mind, I was really hoping that the party on Long Island would turn out at least half as good as I wanted it to. Lucky for Cael, it turned out perfectly! The weather was gorgeous, and we had a good amount of family and friends turn up. It was so nice, and made all the hard work and stress worth it.

This time, instead of ordering a sheet cake, and spending a lot of money on it, I decided to make cupcakes and cake pops. I should have thought of that for the other party, before spending $70 on a cake that we only ate 1/4 of. But you live and learn, right? Plus, it was much cheaper, and added a personalize touch to his party. I made white and chocolate cupcakes, with white frosting that I dyed either red and black; and then yellow cake pops that I dipped half in black melted chocolate, and the other half in red melted chocolate. Then I dipped those in the opposite color sugar sprinkles.They came out really good, and they were a hit! We didn't have any left over, and we had only a handful of cupcakes left over.

What I liked most about the cupcakes though, were that I made chocolate mustache cupcake toppers, that I attached to a lollipop stick. They were very fragile, but came out exactly how I thought they were. I drew a mustache on a piece of paper the size I wanted it, then put that under a piece of wax paper. I then traced the mustache with the melted chocolate in a squeeze bottle. Let them dry and set, then gently peel them off the wax paper, and then flip them over. Using more melted candy chocolate, I put a glob on the back of the mustache, and affixed a short lollipop stick. Let them dry and set, and viola! After the cupcakes were finished and iced, and right before we put them out on the table, we stuck the toppers in the top of them. It definitely completed the look, and they were a hit.

Now here are the pictures from the NY party. You'll notice, if you paid attention to the previous post about the PA party, you'll notice I did a few things differently with this party. For starters, I wasn't able to use the highchair banner I made at the PA party. We attached the high chair to a picnic table, so no one would have been able to see it. I'm so happy it wasn't raining or windy, because I think that the banner added an addition special, little touch to the party.

Secondly, I had bought mustache finger tattoos, and costume adhesive mustaches. Again, I didn't use them at the PA party, because the weather was crappy, and it didn't seem like it would have been a hit. Plus, I didn't really have a table to "display" them. However, the Wooly Willy's I got from Michael's for $1 were a huge hit with the kids at the PA party. Anyway, I was able to put the tattoos and mustaches out at the NY party, and they were a HUGE hit! Even the adults used them. I'm glad everything turned out really well at this party.

High chair banner that I made. We didn't get to use this at the first party.
Here's the balloon that blew away shortly after the party started. Oh well.
Finger mustache tattoos. These were a huge hit!!

Cael and grandma

Even the dog had fun with the 'stache

I love my family with all my heart
Fun with finger-staches!

Cake pops!
Cupcakes with the toppers I made

Smash cake! I love how this turned out.

"Want some, mama?"
Such a good boy, sharing!

My sister, cousin and mom rocking the chocolate 'staches!

Proud of my craftiness

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