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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Apartment Hunting! This is real!

As my really close friend said to me today, this is getting real. Last night, I made a spur of the moment decision to make a trip down to VA to look at apartments. I'm going down Sunday, and staying until Wednesday - which happens to be Halloween. It needs to be done though. I figured that, while I'm looking at apartments, I can also take care of some of the pre-employment paperwork at the hospital, and my physical.

After spending (literally) all day on the phone yesterday, and half the day on the phone today, I managed to talk to all 3 moving companies provided to me by the hospital, and got the ball rolling on obtaining estimates. I called at least a dozen rental places, and have 3 appointments set up to look at apartment units to rent - all apartment complexes. One on Monday, and 2 on Tuesday. Today, I also called and scheduled my physical, and made an appointment to sign the employment paperwork. YIKES! My brain feels like mush. At least this morning, I had Matt to watch Cael while I made phone calls. Yesterday, I had to wrangle him while he climbed and got into everything, while I had my ear to the phone, and a pen in my hand. Talk about multitasking! I am Woman, hear me roar!!

Matt and I decided on trying to just rent an apartment complex, just to get down there. It was last on our preference list, with renting a house first, but I think it would be easier to rent a complex. We can do a 6 month lease, and once we're down there, look for a house to rent. The plan is to hopefully buy our own home within a year of being there! How incredible would that be!? It seems like just a few months ago, that thought didn't seem possible at all. I know I'm getting ahead of myself, but if all this works out the way we anticipate, I'll be making enough money to cover all our bills and have some left over to actually save. Saving money? What's that?! And then whatever job Matt gets will all be extra money we can save as well. And of course, we'll have my sign-on bonus to initially lean on until we get settled down there.

These complexes I'm looking at next week are gorgeous. Some have fireplaces, all have pools, all accept dogs, and 2 of the 3 have a fenced in dog park for us to let the dogs run around. Two of them are on the higher end of our rent budget, and will put us over our budget when we include utilities, but it's only short term. And I also estimated low on the budget, so we should have a little more than originally estimated, left over.

It's going to be crazy for me though, because it will be just Cael and me. I can only imagine how stressful and tiring it's going to be to chase after Cael, while looking at apartments AND filing out paperwork (hopefully both hospital and apartment paperwork). But it should be a nice trip there, and hopefully I'll be able to get a lot accomplished.

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