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Friday, September 10, 2010

It's Been 1 Week

I'm starting to get better. It's still hard though. It has been one week since I miscarried. I would have been 6 weeks 1 day today. My baby would have had a heartbeat, and would be growing. But it's not. The days have been getting easier, although I feel guilty about that, and I don't know why. I know it's supposed to get easier.

I'm leaving for Long Island tonight after work, but I'm only staying until Sunday morning. I have to get my bridesmaid dress fitted for my best friend's wedding at the end of October. I'm so excited about it :) I guess I could have a drink now at the wedding :/ I'd rather still be pregnant.

I started taking my basal body temperature again this morning. Matt said I should wait a month and just take it easy, and not temp. But I feel it will make the coming months go faster. It's something to look forward to each morning, to see what my temperature is. Plus, I've heard a lot of women don't ovulate their first cycle after a miscarriage. I'm interested in seeing if I'll be one of those women or not.

This will be a short post, so I leave you here. I'm off to the gym to hopefully clear my mind.

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