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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Some New Achievements!!

Since Cael has turned 16 months old, he's started doing a few new things. For starters, he loves jumping off the couch. Just yesterday, he summersaulted himself off the couch. Onto pillows, of course, but nonetheless, summersaulted. Matt started piling pillows and blankets at the base of the couch, and then taught Cael to jump off the couch. I guess yesterday, Cael took it upon himself to teach himself to flip over. I was watching from the dining room, hiding behind the breakfast bar, video taping the whole thing. I couldn't believe what I saw. But Cael seemed impressed with himself. :-)

He's also mastered feeding himself with a spoon/spork. He's got the "scoop and eat" technique down, where he can successfully scoop his food and get it to his mouth without making a huge mess. He still makes a mess, but he's figured out how to balance the food onto his spoon.

((I know there was more, but I can't remember now. I'll have to update more on Cael's 17 Month post. EEK!))

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