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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Merry Christmas 2012!!

Christmas this year was so much fun. We had money to spend so that we could actually buy gifts for each other, and for Cael (of course). Or rather, we had a credit card to use, which was paid off as soon as I got my first paycheck on the 21st. That was a great feeling. Anyway, Cael is at the age now that he knows something is going on, and was very interested in ripping the paper off his presents. It was so much fun, and filled my heart with such joy to watch him enjoy Christmas this year.

We said we weren't going to get Cael a lot of presents this year because he has a TON of toys. So we got him a toy box to put all those toys in. Well, I guess we kind of lost track of what we bought him for Christmas, because he ended up having a whole slew of gifts under the tree and in his stocking. Oh well, just more toys to fill his toy box with. We got him a lot of books this year, which he is OBSESSED with. I'm truly happy about that. He'll sit down on the ground or couch, and flip through a book; or bring a book to you and whine for you to read it to him. So he got about 10 or so books for Christmas. He also got some sweaters, 2 pairs of sneakers, a V-Tech learning laptop, and some other little toys. He made out like a bandit this year, that's for sure!

Matt did really well this year for me. I was truly surprised. I got COACH bag and matching wallet, new Ugg slippers, a cast iron Dutch oven, and an Under Armor winter coat. I loved everything. I got Matt an Invicta watch, a new electric razor for his beard, a helicopter he can control with his phone, slippers and a navigation dock for his phone. Overall, we all did well. :)

This was the first Christmas where it was just Matt, Cael and myself. For the last 7 years, we always spent Christmas with Matt's family, in their house upstairs. I missed that this year, but at the same time, it was fun to have our own place, and be able to start our own traditions.

Now for a major photo dump!

Christmas 2011 vs Christmas 2012
3.5 months vs 15.5 months

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