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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It's Personal

The annual gyne visit. Mostly dreaded because it can be an uncomfortable exam. I dreaded mine last month because of my result last year. I had an abnormal result last year that resulted in a colposcopy (cervical biopsy). Fortunately, that resulted in CIN1, which is the mildest form of cervical dysplasia. I didn't require any further treatment, and didn't even need a close follow up. Just a strict 1-year pap. Which brought me to the end of April. To be honest, I've been anxious about this appointment since January. 

My appointment came and went, and 2 weeks went by. They told me that it could be up to a month for results because the lab was behind. Great, just what I needed for my anxiety. I went to Long Island to attend the wedding of a friend I've been friends for, for 22 years, not really thinking about the results. I got home on a Sunday, and checked the mail on Monday. I had been waiting for a phone call, since that's what happened last year, while trying to keep in mind "no news is good news". In the mail that Monday, was my result. Everything was normal!! Thankfully!! I was so relieved, like a weight had been lifted. All that worry and anxiety for no reason at all. It again reminded me of what the patients I care for on a daily basis go through when they're anxiously awaiting results. 

So until next year...For my gyne exam, that is. :-)

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