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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Apple Picking, Pumpkin Picking and Halloween - Oh My!

I feel like it's been a lifetime and half since I last posted. Ok, it's been at least a couple months. Cael is currently going on day 5 of being sick, and fell asleep watching Sprout, so I'm taking advantage of this time to catch up.

We went apple picking at the end of September, and had so much fun. Both Matt and I haven't been apple picking since we were both kids, and when I heard about an orchard near us (actually, about 2 hours away "near" us), I instantly wanted to go. Yea, it was a long drive, but I knew Cael would love it and have a blast. Not to mention I would have a blast, too! So we picked a weekend, and the three of us plus Matt's brother, sil and our niece went as well.

We thought we were picking both Jonagold and Golden Delicious, but after picking 20 pounds of apples, it turns out we picked only Jonagold. I guess we missed a turn somewhere in the orchard. It was very hilly, and since it was a large orchard, we brought the stroller. I had to have Matt push the stroller around because I was struggling with all the uneven and hilly terrain. Cael loved it! He also loved eating the apple slices we cut for him as we were going along. The apples we picked were the best apples I've ever had. They were so big, juicy, crisp and sweet. Since then, no other apples from the stores compare, unfortunately. We had so many apples, that I baked quite a bit. I made apple crisp within individual apples, an apple pie, and 2 apple crisps. Everything came out so delicious! I can't wait to go again.

With the month of October comes fall. I am very into fall this year, which is odd for me. I was obsessed with apple picking, and couldn't wait to go pumpkin picking. I'm in love with anything pumpkin scented or flavored (especially pumpkin creamer and sbx psl). Since apple picking was crazy crowded on a Saturday, Matt and I decided I would take a day off from work during the week to go pumpkin picking. That was the best decision ever! We went to a local historic farm on a Wednesday, and we were the only ones in the pumpkin patch. There were also animals, tractors, play barns, and ride-on trikes there for Cael, which he loved. Unfortunately, he was a little cranky that day, so it made our outing a little stressful, but that's to be expected with a 2 year old. Cael still had fun, which is what's important.

Since we went pumpkin picking kind of close to Halloween, we had to carve the pumpkin the weekend before Halloween. I had Matt gut and carve the pumpkin, and Cael loved to help. He especially loved playing with the pumpkin seeds I sorted out. As far as trick-or-treating, I decided to just get Cael a costume from Target. I was originally going to make him a SourPatch Kid, but I honestly didn't have the time or energy to make it. So it was just easier to buy him a costume. He was a super-cute Lion, and even let me paint a nose and whiskers on him!.Instead of saying "Trick-or-treat" because he can't, he actually roared at almost every house. I had a blast watching him have fun. He did so much better than I thought he would, even though I had high-expectations for the night. I was so proud of him - and the candy he collected.

Apple Picking!!

Pumpkin Picking!!

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