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Sunday, August 11, 2013

23 Months Old!

Dear Cael,

As you near your 2nd birthday, I can't help the denial I'm in. I feel like it was just last week that you were the tiny, squishy newborn we brought home. And just yesterday that we were celebrating your 1st birthday. I can't believe that it's almost been another year. 

I have been in such awe of all the new things you've learned over the last month. For starters, you've finally started to talk! Yes, you've finally started I string words together and are talking phrases. Just out of no where. Daddy and I are so proud of you, and impressed. It seems like every few days, you come out and say something new. I absolutely love it!

You've also learned how to jump. You love to jump on, over and off of everything. Including Mommy, Daddy, the couch and our dogs. You bend your knees and jump up off the ground like you've been doing it forever. If I'm laying on the ground, you climb and stand on my belly or back, and then jump off. It seems like jumping is your new favorite pastime. 

You are also teething like a mad man! You're finally working on your two-year molars. I was wondering when that was going to start, but at the same time, enjoying the break from teething that ended after your last teething "session". While I was brushing your teeth the other night, I noticed your bottom left molar starting to poke through. No wonder why you've been such a miserable, hot mess that past couple of weeks. But it's ok; we'll get through it like we did your other 17 teeth!

So as I end this, just know that I love you. You are what my world revolves around. Your Daddy and I will continue to do our best at raising you. The last 2 years have been amazing. Thank you, Little Man, for making me a better person.



Cael's vocabulary is growing by the day. I don't think other's can understand him yet, but we (for the most part) know what he's saying. His words/phrases include:

uh is it? (where/what is it?)
uh is tis? (where/what is this?)
a go? (where'd it go?)
is stup (it's stuck)
stoop it (stop it)

I'm sure there are a few more I'm forgetting, but that's most of them. I'm still worried that he's not going to be where his pediatrician wants him to be, and he'll have to go for a speech eval and need therapy. But I guess I should be more optimistic since it seems like his language has exploded over the past few weeks.

Currently, Cael has 17 total teeth. He just cut his bottom left 2nd year molar. No signs of the other 3, but I'm sure they're not far behind. Because of how bad he's teething, he's back to having his binky. All.The.Time. It seems like every time we get it away from him, he gets sick, or hardcore teethes, and is miserable without it. The bink instantly calms him down. He'll be hysterically whining and crying, hanging himself off you or throwing himself on the ground. Then when you give him the bink, he calms right down, and becomes a mush. We'll have to ask the pediatrician what her opinion is on the bink, and see if she has any suggestions for getting rid of it. Besides letting him cry it out.

Finally, Cael is a legit dare devil. We have to be careful with this one. Like, he hovers crouched on the edge of the couch, looking like he's going to jump, and then he'll look over at Matt and start giggling an evil laugh. He knows he's not supposed to jump off the couch, but he sort of "threatens" us that he's going to jump. And sometimes he does. His most recent stunt was scaling the front of his changing table, and plopping himself on the top. Then he would stand up, and go to jump off (a good 3 feet), and I'd have to catch him. The boy is nuts.

Those eyes!

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