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Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Working Mom

Now that I've been back to work for a touch over 6 months, I figured I would share an update. I absolutely love my job. I feel like I'm still settling in, but for the most part, I feel like I fit. My supervisor is awesome, and I've bettered my scanning skills more than I thought I could.

Being with my new job has given me the opportunity to learn new studies. Prior to this job, I never scanned a pediatric patient. Let me clarify - I've never scanned infant hips, an infant spine or an infant head. Only 6 months in, and I can comfortably ultrasound  both infant hips and infant spines without being checked. I still haven't scanned an infant head, but I feel like that will come soon. 

At work, we get a ton of infant hips to scan. Sometimes a few daily. These babies are mostly 4-8 weeks old. So I definitely get my fill of squishy babies. Most of the time, the studies are normal, and done only because the baby was breech inutero. But it's a scanning skill that makes me more experienced, and therefore makes me feel more confident in my career. 

Now the other side of my job. Leaving Cael every morning. To be honest, it hasn't been too bad leaving in the morning. I'm sure that loving what I do definitely helps. I occasionally get updates and pictures of Cael during the day from Matt, so that definitely helps. And lately, when I get home from work, Cael runs up to me and gives me a big hug. That's the best part of my day. 

So 6 months back to work, and I can say that I'm happy that I've joined the working-mom force. I'm putting my education to work, and I still get awesome quality time with Cael. 

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